About us

Sketch351 is a musician’s collective founded in 2020 and based in The Netherlands. The group started with three friends and alumni from the Koninklijk Conservatorium whose love for contemporary music and creation led them to get together and create an ensemble.

The collective has as one of their main focuses to work alongside the newer generation of composers. They commissioned a piece to the composer Carlos Lopes (Sketch(es)) and collaborated with the composer Isaac Barzso on the creation of the piece Note: dates not remembered for ensemble and electronics. Their interest for interdisciplinary collaborations led them to work with the composer Nuno Lobo and the visual artist and designer Pedro Lobo on the creation of the virtual opera It Rose Behind the River. This piece won the Goodmesh Concour’s Audience Prize in 2021 and was debuted in Amsterdam at the Vondelkerk in February of 2022, in a performance that was praised by critics. Sketch351 also presented themselves on the Delft Fringe Festival in 2022, on the Koninklijk Conservatorium’s Spring Festival and at Teatro Helena Sá e Costa in Porto. On the year of 2022, the group organized, alongside both institutions, an exchange project between Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag and ESMAE’s composition departments.

In the near future, the collective aims to keep working with young composers and to connect with artists from different fields such as visual arts, multimedia and theater.

Repertoire ranging from the 20th Century to Nowadays

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