Past Projects

Conexões II

Collaboration with Koninklijke Conservatorium and ESMAE

Conexões II was an exchange project between Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag and ESMAE’s composition department proposed and organized by Sketch351.

In this project three students from each school wrote a piece for the ensemble. Later, the composers had the opportunity of working in the performance of the pieces alongside the ensemble for two weeks.

The six pieces were presented in two concerts – one in Porto, Portugal at Teatro Helena Sá e Costa and other in Den Haag, The Netherlands, at the Koninklijk Conservatorium – and recorded at the Koninklijk Conservatorium.

It Rose Behind the River

Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Nuno Lobo and Pedro Lobo

Our performance, It Rose Behind the River, is a “virtual opera”. This format, as in traditional opera, conveys the narrative through music, however there is no physical representation of a stage, musicians, or singers. Everything happens in the audience’s mind. The only visual element that the audience can see is a video-projection that helps to give a “human voice” to the instrumentalists. This, together with visual illustrations, will help to trigger the audience’s imagination. To make this happen, the audience has to be surrounded by an opaque fabric, guaranteeing that there is no visual contact with the musicians. Those will be scattered around the created space. By doing this, the audience is fully immersed, with sounds coming from all corners.

“It rose behind the river” is an adaptation of a coming-of-age story where, in the represented world, everyone tries to run away from adulthood by walking towards a mysterious light on the horizon. The opera tells the story of two children and their journey towards this light. On this journey, they meet different creatures that share the same path and the scary expectation of growing older.


Sketch351 + ESMAE

Conexões (Connections) was a collaboration between Sketch351 and ESMAE’s (Porto’s School of Music and Performing Arts) Composition Department. This project took part between April and September 2021 and during this time the students worked closely with Sketch351’s members in order to compose brand new pieces for the ensemble. The results of this collaboration were presented on a concert at Teatro Helena Sá e Costa in Porto where 8 pieces were debuted.

Conductor | Agnelo Marinho
Eletronics | Lucas Rei Ramos